Flooring Supply Company Adds Vinyl Lettering to Fleet Trailers to Promote Brand

Flooring Supply Company Adds Vinyl Lettering to Fleet Trailers to Promote Brand

Trailer Graphics DFWProfessional Flooring Supply (PFS) works with flooring experts around the country. Founded in 1977, this Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) company is now represented in seven states with 15 stores. Professionals in the industry rely on PFS to purchase superior cork flooring, luxury vinyl tiles and a variety of other commercial flooring products. In addition, the company carries all the support materials that those in the trade need. Examples include pads, grouts and adhesives. To transport its products, PFS relies on a large truck.

Promoting Your Brand with Trailer Lettering and Graphics

Trailer Graphics and Vinyl Lettering DFW

When it came time to switch the truck’s look from plain to actively branding with trailer vinyl lettering for DFW companies, PFS’ management team contacted the experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs. We discussed their vision for the truck. The company wanted to highlight its logo as well as the full name and niche specialty. At the same time, the team also wanted the colors to stand out against the backdrop of the white trailer. Could we turn this vision into a reality? Yes!

Vinyl lettering and graphics for Trailers in DFW

While vinyl lettering and graphics for DFW companies are usually colorful and bespeak the company’s branding message, in this case we limited the look of the product to two complementary colors: red and blue. These colors are the same ones that you find on the PFS website. Selecting this particular color combination ensures that those who may have searched for a commercial flooring provider online will recognize the truck as it drives through town or down the highway. The niche-specific tag line is kept in a much darker shade of blue, which helps it to stand out. On the back, we added the company’s phone number.

Benefits of Trailer Graphics

Vinyl truck graphics and lettering DFW

When you are thinking of adding trailer graphics for DFW and its surrounding cities, talk to our professionals today. We routinely work with companies that not only sell their products but also transport them over long distances. This sometimes requires them to cross state lines, which introduces their brand to companies and decision makers who may not be quite so familiar with a business’ niche or product selection. This is where carefully thought out graphics can make a huge impact on your audience.

  • Logo displays. The logo is your calling card. Even when a consumer does not necessarily remember your name, a logo is memorable and recognizable. Not surprisingly, this is why the biggest companies always ensure that each item of merchandise features a logo.
  • Name display. Connecting the logo with the name drives name recognition. Having both displayed very close to each other is a must.
  • Niche explanation. While you may be a household name in your home city, the same is not necessarily true when you travel into another city or state. Do not leave motorists guessing about your business. When you work primarily with professionals or resellers, say so. Conversely, when you operate a warehouse that is open to the public, do not be shy about advertising this fact as well.

Vehicle vinyl graphics and lettering DFW

Talk to our professional trailer vinyl lettering experts today for more information on these products and to get starter on your order. We will have you on the road to marketing and branding in no time!