Does Your Visual Branding Make the Right First Impression?

Does Your Visual Branding Make the Right First Impression?

The cowboy humorist Will Rogers is credited with the very true observation: you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. We’ve all had that thought just before a job interview, but do attorneys, accountants, and medical professionals worry about making a good first impression each time a new client enters their office?

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They should. By the time a client (or prospective client) arrives at a professional office, they have already been exposed to images and messages which seek to position the firm according to a branding strategy, the purpose of which is to attract and retain a preferred clientele.

They have also been exposed to the value propositions of many competitors who seem to be offering the same services with the same level of education or competence. How does a professional service break through the clutter? The most effective way is to differentiate the firm with a unique brand.

Having won a first visit through advertising, reputation or referral, the visual branding employed in the professional office and lobby should give the new client a sense of completion and arrival. Good visuals will first have an emotional impact, followed by a reinforcing thought: Yes…I am in the right place.

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Signs and graphics can touch human emotions through the thoughtful and creative application of symbols, colors, images and other design elements. An effective lobby display of the firm name and logo can be perceived by the viewer as traditional or bold, exclusive or egalitarian, dignified or exciting – based on the firm’s brand identity.

In an economy which increasingly seeks to commoditize professional services, it is more important than ever to develop a brand identity which will focus on attracting ideal clients, and to pursue a brand strategy which enables the firm to continuously refine and strengthen the brand.

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Professional office graphics should echo the themes of the firm’s external brand messaging, online presence, and visibility in the community. Graphics are a continuation of the unique story of the firm and the differentiated attributes which must be highlighted in order to attract and keep your target clients.

Every stage of your service and every member of your team must work together to communicate a consistent brand message, and this applies to signs and graphics. The brand message is meant for prospective clients, existing clients, referral sources, local media, prospective employees and the larger community served by the firm.

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Graphics can be aligned with your advertising and social media presence, transferring logos, colors and symbols to building signs, window or wall graphics and banners for display at community events.

Cowtown Graphics & Signs will work with your marketing staff or agency to ensure that your visual branding makes a solid first impression, telling your new client who you are, affirming your promise of good service and building client confidence in choosing your firm over the competition.

To break through the professional services clutter, make sure your graphics align with a brand strategy. Bring your visual branding objectives to Cowtown Graphics & Signs.  For free estimates, visit us online at , or to talk with one of our expert advisors, call 817-446-6000.