Does Your Construction Project Have the Right Signage in Fort Worth?

Does Your Construction Project Have the Right Signage in Fort Worth?

Construction site signs in Fort Worth are not just a good idea to have, they are actually the law. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) identifies certain types of signs as being “critical to the safety of the construction workers.” In addition to the accident prevention signs that OSHA mandates on all construction sites, there are also markers that keep visitors and other professionals out of harm’s way. Moreover, the setup of a construction zone is always a perfect marketing opportunity.

So what are the site and general contractor signs for Fort Worth construction projects that you should have on hand?

  • Danger and caution signs. These are the red on white and black on yellow signs that you see at all construction sites. Having a good supply of these signs on hand lets you set up a variety of work zones on the same site. Work gets done more quickly and you observe all legal requirements associated with the job.
  • Barricades. Prevent unauthorized access to the construction site with barricades. These obstructions make it clear that there is no access for motorists.
  • General contractor signs Fort WorthParking and traffic regulating signs. Organize the parking of workers, contractors and heavy machinery. Route the delivery of materials and do not neglect to regulate the egress of construction vehicles that have emptied their loads.
  • Fence markers. General contractors hang their company’s information onto the construction fence to identify the name of the firm. The fence company, too, advertises its product in this manner. The architect may also look the fence as the fastener for signage. It is here that the professional may attach an artist’s rendering of the finished project.
  • Safety instruction signs. Posted near the storage areas for first aid kits and also in break areas, these safety markers may include a principal message that curtails or eliminates a behavior that may be acceptable in other areas of the construction site. Examples include smoking or the storage of tools.
  • Wayfinding signage. Help newcomers to the site find their ways around quickly. Imagine the arrival of the skilled trade workers who have never been to the site. Not only do they need to get started on their tasks quickly, but they also need to complete the work before other trades can come in. If these workers have to spend a lot of time figuring out where the different aspects of the building are – and where they are supposed to run their wires or install their pipes – you lose time. Wayfinding markers make it easier on newcomers to get started right away.

By the way, do not forget to also have a supply of sign paddles on hand. While working on the site, you may have to designate a flagman who helps large machinery to get situated on site or directs traffic in front of the project area as machinery enters or exits the site. Customized safety and caution tags help to prevent the accidental use of defective machinery or tools that are in need of tune-ups. Simply attach these tags to the tool or machinery and alert workers that they are off limits.