Do You Want To Grow Your Business?

Do You Want To Grow Your Business?

The face of your brand and business is a sign, a logo, and is the first thing a customer sees when it comes to your brand and business. That’s right; a great looking sign or logo is a significant piece of marketing collateral. A great sign can grow your brand and business because it is that important. It is a great way to build trust and stay top of mind when it comes to your customers. That’s right, and a shabby looking sign erodes the confidence in the customer. In the back of their minds, they see that old sign, and they believe if you don’t care about what your signage looks like, you probably won’t take care of your customer.

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Investing in new signage creates trust in your customer and can grow your business and your brand like no other, especially in today’s visual world. 

This study shows, “Researchers, from the Sign Research Foundation,” “…have determined that the addition of one sign at every fast-food outlet in Los Angeles would raise business revenues by $132 million, and those businesses would, in turn, pay an additional $10 million in sales tax revenue to the local municipality.”

If your database is large and has grown, but your revenue is shrinking or is stagnant, then you need to look closer at the LOOK of your brand. Did you know that you could see a 10% return just by investing in new signage? 10%, that’s a lot!

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You can have loyal clients. You can have an extensive client database, but without the right marketing tools and signage, your brand and business won’t grow. If you don’t have a design team, that’s where Cowtown’s experts can assist you in developing new signage for branding your business. Or, assist you in how you can freshen up the signage you already have. We listen to your needs and will guide you in the right direction, that’s our pledge to you!

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