Crisp Lobby Sign for Synergy Home Care in DFW

Crisp Lobby Sign for Synergy Home Care in DFW

Synergy HomeCare is a franchise that provides home care services, elder care, respite assistance for family caregivers and care management. When Synergy HomeCare DFW recently expanded its Fort Worth offices, the company needed an impacting reception area sign that would not only inspire confidence in visitors but also generate trust in clients as well as colleagues. This is when the management team contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs for assistance.

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We are very familiar with the manufacture of lobby signs for home health care companies in DFW. Understanding that a professional marker is not just a good idea but an absolute necessity, we worked with Synergy HomeCare to create signage that would accomplish the branding while being budget-friendly at the same time. The manufactured sign beautifully suits the office’s lobby and its color scheme. We sent our expert installer to properly center the letters and mount them to the wall.

Our customer was so happy with the finished product that he shared with us this good news: Visitors are actually complimenting the staff on their great lobby sign! Do you want to have one these types of home health care lobby signs? DFW companies in this niche heavily rely on branding, and this kind of signage is one of the heaviest hitters to get the job done.

Lobby Signs Generate Name Recognition

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Repeatedly seeing your name and logo – on your wall, on brochures and on your letterhead – increases the name recognition of your agency. In a way, your company becomes an “old friend;” someone consumers are familiar with. When the need arises for your services, the shopper will contact you as the familiar business in the niche.

Sets the Tone for the Office

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The warm tones of the sign have a calming and welcoming effect on visitors to Synergy. It puts them at ease. In fact, the sign has an “it’s going to be alright” vibe. This is what you need for your lobby! This is not the time for all metal markers that better befit a financial company or software giant. Colors are of vital importance. Talk to our expert lobby signage professionals to draft blueprints for a reception area marker that uses your company’s colors to their best advantage.

Starts a Dialog

Signage – in a way – starts a dialog between your company and the consumer. It is a way of communicating what your business is all about and what to expect from a consultation with the professionals. Let your sign put folks at ease and recognize your staff members as the types of representatives who genuinely care about their clients.


If this sounds like a tall order, you are partially correct. Manufacturing a marker that achieves so much is indeed a task that takes professional expertise. When you are ready to take a page from the playbook of Synergy HomeCare, talk to our friendly experts. We gladly sit down with you, look at the artwork that you already have on file and then put together a marker that uniquely suits the makeup of your business.