Comfort Your Spa Clients with Wall Murals in Fort Worth

Comfort Your Spa Clients with Wall Murals in Fort Worth

Wall Murals for Spas in Fort WorthWhy do clients visit spas? Relaxation is one definite reason. A fitting expression of one’s healthy lifestyle is another. For the beauty services that many of these businesses provide would be a third reason. Although clients may have different reasons, spa owners agree that setting the right mood inside their venues is crucial. This is where wall graphics for spas in Fort Worth can make a huge difference.

Add a Positive Spark with Wall Mural Murals

In a world filled with negativity and bad news, make your spa into a respite from the world. Carefully select your reading materials for clients so that they are not haunted by the same bad news that they see on the outside. You also already know that soothing music and calming scents help to set the scene. Now is the time to complete the look with a whole-wall mural that shows something positive and happy. Think of a typical Parisian street flower vendor who sells bunches of flowers to smiling and happy couples. Consider the use of a nature scene that depicts people resting under large trees. For the lobby area, this type of wall décor sets a positive tone while also including depictions of people. Clients subconsciously understand that you offer services designed to transport them into this kind of happy mood just by living in the moment and enjoying their stays.

Focus on Health

Wall graphics for Spas in Fort WorthThe majority of wall murals for spas in Fort Worth focus on health-related imagery. Since you do not sell shiny bling that consumers can flaunt but rather specialize in the art and science of creating wellbeing, it is important to set the stage right away. Your massage and other treatment rooms should feature murals that depict relaxing forest scenes and feature darker shades of green and ivory colors. Do not clutter the spaces with copious wall decorations. The murals do the job just fine without any additional help.

Focus on Peace

Pastels are perfect when you want to set a peaceful tone for your venue. Light purple hues, soft pinks and anything that looks like it has been sun kissed will work beautifully. These murals may grace a lobby, treatment rooms or restrooms.

There are so many options currently open to you. When you talk to our friendly wall mural specialists, you will learn about the different vinyl sheet materials that we work with. While the Salon wall graphics Fort Worthsmooth finish with the low sheen is the most common selection, there are also other types of backdrops. A light texturing helps a forest motif to come out. A textured matte finish is ideal when you are aiming for a look that has a painted quality to it.

Talk to the friendly folks at Cowtown Graphics & Signs today to learn more about your options. This is also the time for us to come out for a site survey and to take some measurements. Doing so further enables us to give you good advice on the sizing of the objects in the murals – by keeping the sizing of the room in mind – and to alert you to any pre-installation needs that your wall surfaces might display.