City of Fort Worth Invests in 3D Letter Building Sign for Water Service Center!

City of Fort Worth Invests in 3D Letter Building Sign for Water Service Center!

The Water Department is residents’ go-to location for safe drinking water as well as the management of wastewater. Like other municipal buildings, this site needed excellent signage to provide wayfinding assistance for residents and vendors who visit the venue. To ensure that the information would be readily noticed, the municipality ordered 3D letter building signs in Fort Worth, TX.

Doing Business with the Wrong Sign Shop? All is not Lost!

Building Sign Fabrication City of Fort Worth

The City of Fort Worth contracted with another sign shop that promised to deliver the goods on budget and on time. But the other contractor could not get the job done. The deadline was looming larger, and the Water Department still did not have signage. This was when the municipality contacted the building sign experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs Visual Branding Solutions. Could we help? You bet!

3D Building Letter Sign Fabrication City of Fort Worth

We consulted with our client and got the specs for the job. Next, we manufactured a set of dimensional letters in our studio. Part of the project is the logo that is an integral portion of the sign. We used aluminum because it is lightweight and durable. We used automotive paint to get the colors right. We did the same for the dimensional letters. The combination of the material and the color product ensures that the sign will weather well and not lose its great looks due to sunlight, rain, or the wind.

Building Sign Installation Fort Worth

Once the manufacture was completed, we set up an appointment to install the signage. Because we have a truck with a cherry picker basket, we did not have to wait until we can rent an available vehicle. Instead, we sent our own installers in our truck with all the supplies needed to finish the job. After the installation, the Fort Worth Water Department building looks professional, makes wayfinding a snap, and meets the municipality’s needs.

Best of all, the job came in on time and budget – even though we were not tasked with it right away.

Providing Budget-Friendly Service When You Need It

3D Letter Building Sign Installation Fort Worth

The secret behind taking over a failing job and rescuing the project without having to ask for an extension of the deadline is not all that surprising.

  • Well-stocked studio. We have plenty of raw materials on hand. Regular inventories of supplies ensure that we always have the vinyl, metal, and other products on hand that we need to do our work. Sure, specialty items may require an order. For example, if you are thinking of having a lobby sign constructed of bamboo or glass, this is something we would have to get. However, if you want aluminum, acrylic, PVC, or vinyl, we have those on hand.
  • Expert graphic artists. We do not outsource the artwork. Instead, we have in-house specialists who create the specs for the products we manufacture. Doing so cuts down on time it takes to coordinate with another professional.
  • Fully staffed crews. Our installers and technicians are staff members. We operate out of a workshop with a full team to ensure that we can always send out someone if you have an immediate need of assistance. Cases in point are signage repair emergencies. You do not want to wait for us to find someone who can come by; you want us to send out a technician now. Well, we have them on staff.
  • Dedication to customer service. We have business hours that we post at our location, just as most other companies do. But we also have a strong commitment to customer service and client satisfaction. If this means that we stay later, work through the night, or come in on an off day to put together a product that you need, then we gladly do so.

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If you need 3D letter building signs in Fort Worth, TX, channel letter signs in the DFW Metropolitan Area, or any other type of sign anywhere else, we can help. Call us today to find out more!