Case Study: CMP Commercial Construction’s 3D Letter Building Sign in Fort Worth TX

Case Study: CMP Commercial Construction’s 3D Letter Building Sign in Fort Worth TX

Construction design experts at CMP Commercial Construction, Inc. contacted our sign shop to enhance its visibility to consumers across the city. Because of an emphasis on industry-based marketing and branding solutions that included vehicle graphics and 3D letter building signs in Fort Worth, TX, our specialists delivered products that uniquely fit the business’ approach. Now, prospective clients interact with the company’s brand in a new way.

About CMP Commercial Construction, Inc.

3D Letter Building Signs Fort Worth

CMP Commercial Construction, Inc. is your go-to solution if you need speedy tenant finish-outs at your venue. When time is money, working with an outfit that comes in on budget and schedule makes a difference. Design builds are another specialty of the firm, which also includes work on historical structures. Among the most well-known processes that these specialists undertake are flooring and painting.

Which Challenges Did the Business Face?

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Fort Worth

It is noteworthy that our working relationship with the business spans about two years. Initially, the company realized that other contractors succeeded in advertising and branding their businesses wherever they took their crews. Parked in front of a job site, the vehicles would feature advertisements while CMP’s trucks only showed the traditional white paint job of work vehicles.

Another consideration was the relative invisibility of the business in its neighborhood. The goal here was to catch the eyes of passersby. One the one hand, the company needed a wayfinding sign that would signal to the prospective client where to find CMP. On the other hand, this signage could also function as a means to advertise the brand, encourage the impulse stop, and heighten awareness of the services the firm offers.

How Cowtown Provided Targeted Solutions

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Boosting the business’ brand with truck graphics was the first step. Because these products provide a mobile marketing opportunity, getting them right was crucial. We combined lettering that spells out the company’s name with a logo graphic that shows off the brand. We included the SDVOSB designation to provide a brand differentiation. With the graphics in place, pulling up to a job site now introduces peers, clients, and those in the field to the company’s information. It makes it easy to advertise, boost name recognition, and help individuals associate the company’s field with the brand symbol.

Fast forward to this year, when we created the company’s building sign. We started with a shaped metal backer. It features brushed aluminum to offset the black, blue, and red tones of the brand. With the help of glossy dimensional letters, we spelled out the company’s name. Three-dimensional style elements also display the corporate logo. By mounting these aspects to the backer and then installing the sign to the wall, it now presents an eye-catching branding and marketing tool. At the same time, it is familiar to clients who researched the business online, which facilitates wayfinding.

What are the Results of Emphasizing the Business’ Visibility with Signage Solutions?

It is fair to say that there is a multi-faceted result.

  • Name recognition. Become known in your service territory. If you are just breaking into the local business community, it is never too early to get started on this process.
  • Brand awareness. Consumers connect the symbol you chose for your business with its name. This combination can result in a commanding advantage over competitors whose brand is not as well known.
  • Product knowledge. Can consumers in your service territory put together your name, brand symbol, and a menu of products that you offer? If not, consider added signage to facilitate this recognition.

If you are thinking of advertising your company with truck graphics and 3D letter building signs in Fort Worth, TX, contact our experts for assistance. Who knows, our next case study analysis may be about your firm!