Car Advertising: It Is All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

Car Advertising: It Is All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

Car Advertising Fort WorthMembers of the local business community are always on the lookout for new advertising opportunities. Although billboards and direct-mail campaigns have shown some promise, you simply cannot discount the effectiveness of car advertising. Fort Worth retailers and service providers also notice that the combination of direct mail campaigns – or radio spots – with car advertising is proving to be a powerful one-two marketing punch indeed.

What Make Car Advertising So Effective?

Return on investment (ROI)

It is time to talk about money first. You cannot afford to overspend when dealing with marketing. At the same time, you cannot afford not to allocate a good chunk of you operating budget to advertising. For this reason, your budget allocation has to present you with the maximum return on investment. Studies prove that vehicle marketing is so effective that 91 percent of people remember the graphics. A good-quality wrap costs about $3,500; to copy the 30,000 to 70,000 visual impressions you make on a daily basis with this wrap via another advertising medium, you would have to pay out about $130,000. It is fair to say that the car wraps Fort Worth business leaders now commission offer you a great ROI.


Advertising on Cars Fort WorthThe graphics are adaptable to the make and model of any vehicle. Whether you want to market with your boat, private plane, smart car, moving van, box truck or passenger vehicle, it is possible to create a wrap that uniquely displays your marketing message and fits perfectly on the vehicle of choice. When you have multiple vehicles of different sizes, it is feasible to adapt the same wrap design, which of course looks amazing.

Combination Marketing

You send out your direct mail cards. At the same time, you send your employees into the neighborhoods that you are targeting. Driving in your wrapped vehicles, these professionals are now supporting the enhancement of your company’s name recognition. Consumers become brand aware as they read your direct mail information and then see the marketing messages on the vehicles.

Multiple Options

Vehicle graphics Fort WorthA full wrap gets you the biggest bang for the buck. However, if the expense is not something that you want to deal with at this time, or if you want to try out just how great of an impact you can make with car graphics, Fort Worth’s Cowtown Graphics & Signs experts can help you with the installation of partial wraps as well. In this setting, only a part of your vehicle receives the treatment, which allows the base color to play a bigger role in the design. Additional options include the installation of vehicle vinyl lettering and decals.

Professional Appearance

If you have ever seen the DIY wrap jobs and shuddered, we feel your pain. These are frequently products that business owners ordered via the Internet and then installed themselves. Although they saved a bit of money, it takes specialized equipment and expertise to install the vinyl. When these are missing, air bubbles, mismatched seams and peeling areas are the results. After a professional installation, you have none of these problems. Your wrap looks great and markets professionally for years to come.