Boring Art on Your Office Walls? Try Wall Murals!

Boring Art on Your Office Walls? Try Wall Murals!

Vinyl wall art for business Fort WorthIt is a common misconception that wall murals for Fort Worth businesses only suit daycare centers, the fitness club, a faith community’s preschool area or the retail store. This is simply not the case. In fact, the commercial sign makers at Cowtown Graphics & Signs have installed plenty of these works of art in a broad range of office settings.

Who Orders Murals for Office Walls?

There is the medical office that wants to set the tone for its patients with whole-wall murals. Rather than painting and painstakingly adding decorative touches that require dusting and cleaning, medical professionals have long since learned that with the use of a mural, it is possible to enhance the medical office’s ambiance quickly.

Corporate office managers have learned that murals make it possible to offer employees a restful atmosphere in the break room while providing a much more edgy look in the reception area. A special boon for offices that house creative professions – media, software creation or architects, for example – is the fact that these wall products act as an artistic backdrop that expertly brands the company.

Building managers understand that murals make a difference in the way prospective tenants perceive an office building’s vibe. Using large-wall products to tell the building’s history – assuming it is an older office building – is a wonderful way to create an interesting backdrop. Add these products to elevator doors or staircase walls for an immediate visual impact.

Artwork vs. Vinyl Mural

Custom wall murals Fort WorthThe advantage of this type of wall art quickly becomes apparent when you consider all the things that you do not have to buy.

  • Paint. Walls tend to get scuffed and damaged with daily use of the space. Many office owners report that they have to regularly hire a painter to fix and spruce up the look of the paint. With a mural, this is not needed.
  • Artwork. One of the major problems with artwork of any type is the need to dust it frequently. Slack here, and you will be surprised how quickly dust and cobwebs accumulate. This is not a problem for the vinyl wall product.
  • Frames. There is no need for frames. The artwork installs directly to the wall. This saves you money and creates a harmonious seamless look that appeals in particular in narrow hallways.

Imagination Sets no Limit

Wall graphics Fort WorthWhat story would you like to tell with your office wall art? Fort Worth business owners have begun telling about their companies’ history as well as its future with depictions of planned expansions. Those beautifying conference rooms like the idea of displaying the company’s motto or mission statement. For office managers thinking of adding a lobby sign, the mural or wall decal creates a work of art that is ideal for the reception area’s focal wall.

There is no limit to the options you have when commissioning this product. Call us today for more information. We gladly work with you to create a product that uses the artwork you already have on file. If you do not yet have anything suitable for use, our graphic artists proficiently design your desired look from the ground up.