Black Mountain Has a Stand Out Sign With a Stand Out Logo

Black Mountain Has a Stand Out Sign With a Stand Out Logo

Does your office need a new, modern and sophisticated lobby sign that accurately depicts your business and what you stand for? Cowtown has been helping businesses make their lobby and storefront noteworthy with our top of the line signage.

Black Mountain Exploration opened its doors in 1912 with the intention of providing mineral owners with the option to partner with an oil and gas company working to protect the land on which it operates. It would also allow for these mineral owners to reap some of the rewards that these oil and gas companies have. Black Mountain takes pride in its ability to work with landowners to better our environment.

When they expanded their offices in the downtown Sundance Square area, Black Mountain wanted to have sophisticated lobby and office signage.

Cowtown was selected to produce a custom sign fabricated of ¾” tempered glass, a substance not typically used in sign making due to its weight. The finished 36 in. x 60 in. weighed in at over 160 lbs and required specially engineered mounting hardware to get it on the wall.

Having the best quality signage is important for businesses, old or new. Showing customers that you care about what you put on your walls.

The solid glass sign was logoed with etched glass vinyl on the front with black on the back to emphasize the logo. Having a distinct and visually appealing logo is an important part of having a well rounded sign. IMG_3585.jpg

What Makes a Great Logo?

According to designers of some of the most recognizeable logos to date, simplicity is key. People should be able to differentiate your logo from others and creating something that related directly with your brand and what you stand for. Your logo should be memorable and something that your customers know immediately.

Cowtown has top of the line designers that can help incorporate your message into a lobby sign logo and fit it to the best materials to match your budget! Give us a call today to get started on your lobby sign!