Bilingual Brass Plaque for St. Francis Cabrini in Granbury TX

Bilingual Brass Plaque for St. Francis Cabrini in Granbury TX

Located at 2301 Acton Highway, the St. Frances Cabrini Catholic community embraces its mission to serve the community and one another. A vibrant and diverse congregation, the faith community has revamped its website to feature bilingual content. When it came time to add brass plaques that would honor a senior member of the congregation in a bilingual fashion, the congregation’s representative contacted the signage makers at Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Bilingual Brass Plaques for Churches in Granbury, TX

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This attractive brass plaque features a dark stipple background and raised text. It displays the same text in two languages. The setup of the text is identical as well, which enhances the visual appeal of the display. The elegant frame on the exterior ensures that this plaque presents well against any wall backdrop. This type of product looks great in a foyer, sanctuary and prayer room.

What Makes Plaques Stand Out?

The plaque is the type of display that lasts for a long time. By selecting this medium to honor those important to your company, congregation or organization, you create a piece of history that inspires future generations of workers, members and volunteers. Without the use of these displays, important names and relationships within the organization lose their impact.

Plaques are also useful to commemorate the contributions of donors. This is of particular importance to non-profit organizations and venues that rely on public and private funding to keep their doors open. Examples include animal shelters, after-school care programs and teen initiatives that target at-risk kids. Displaying the names of donors is an excellent method for strengthening ties to the local community. Moreover, the display of these donor names serves as an inspiration to encourage future donors to come forward.

Commissioning Your Plaque

You have plenty of options for your plaques. Brass is a favorite of faith communities and other organizations. Businesses like the look of bronze or aluminum. Although not generally requested, it is possible to also commission plaques made of stainless steel. Baked enameling is ideal for coloring engravings of texts or pictures. In the alternative, consider the display of your text in a raised manner. Doing so permits you to select a background texture that heightens the visual appeal of the lettering. Leatherette and pebble backgrounds are very popular.

For a plaque that you intend to display on the exterior, you have the option of adding a weatherproof coating. That said, some of our business clients actually like the idea of having us add a patina or a coating that mimics oxidization. It immediately ages the look of the product, which gives the impression that the company or organization has been at the venue for a long time. Doing so frequently helps the look of the marker fit in perfectly with a brick façade that features other weathered style elements.

Contact our professionals today to discuss your commission of brass plaques for churches in Granbury, TX, or products made from different materials that suit business settings as well. We look forward to working with your representatives on the creation of a look that will be unique to your group.