Best Uses for Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in Arlington TX

Best Uses for Wall Graphics and Wall Murals in Arlington TX

When the phone rings at Cowtown Graphics & Signs, it is frequently a business client who calls in to ask about the installation of wall murals. Arlington, TX, members of the business community are seeing a developing trend that has murals replace quite a bit of the wall décor previously used in offices as well as retail spaces. What are your options?

Wayfinding Signage

Wall Graphics and Wall Murals Arlington TX

Point clients, customers and visitors in the right direction. The term “restroom” easily turns into a wall graphic that becomes part of a mural or stands alone. Augment this wayfinding signage with the easily recognizable symbol for the ladies or gents’ restroom. In this manner, you no longer need to rely on the small markers that you would place traditionally onto the restroom doors. In addition, you make excellent use of pillars or a warehouse-style commercial setting.

Other wayfinding graphics include wall arrows pointing to the reception area or the cafeteria as well as wall stripes that quite literally lead the way. For a more elaborate graphics look, schools like to use the more whimsical depiction of a pole with plenty of signpost hands pointing in the directions of the rooms and facilities the students might be looking for. This graphic looks great on the wall and can be as colorful as you like.

Informational Markers

Vinyl wall graphics Arlington TX

What is your company’s evacuation plan? What is the history of your business? Where is your product manufactured? How fresh are the ingredients of your eatery’s dishes? You can answer all of these questions with the help of graphics and murals.

  • Evacuation plan. Commission this graphic for installation next to an elevator, stairwell and exit door. It becomes part of your office’s wall setup and therefore makes it easy to read for everyone who visits.
  • History. A timeline graphic takes up the length of a narrow hallway wall. It also looks great as a backdrop in a conference room. Remember the humble beginnings of your company and wow customers with its growth.
  • Educational data. Product manufacturing and ingredient sourcing can be big deals, depending on your industry. The reception area is an ideal locale to show off the process of making your product with a wall mural.

Changing the Atmosphere

Wall murals Arlington TX

Close your doors as a small teashop. Throw them open the next day as a Parisian bistro. Achieve this dramatic change with little more than a wall mural that bespeaks all the design elements a typical bistro features. Add some Parisian flair to the mix, and your venue’s atmosphere is permanently changed. More and more restaurant owners are relying on the power of the wall mural to enhance the settings of their businesses.

What Makes Vinyl Wall Graphics so Attractive?

In addition to being budget-friendly, attractive and endlessly customizable, the murals and wall graphics Arlington, TX, clients order from us are easy to clean and maintain. Treated to withstand soiling, they are ideal for busy restaurants and retail spaces. Cleanup can be as simple as a quick wipe-down with a moist cloth.

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