Auto Dealership Wayfinding and Direction Signs for Arlington TX

Auto Dealership Wayfinding and Direction Signs for Arlington TX

When you contact the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs for your client consultation, we visit your dealership. This allows our experts to take an inventory of your already existing wayfinding signs. For auto dealerships in Arlington, TX, it is frequently the combination of signage products as well as the frequency of their display that matters to consumers. What are your options?

Direct Consumers onto the Lot

Auto Dealership wayfinding and directional signs for Arlington TX

Pole-mounted banners are ideal for capturing the attention of motorists. Whether you are selling used cars, new cars or a special type of make and model, it is an excellent idea to advertise the product with easy-to-read banners. Repeat the display on every street-facing pole that is on your property. This repetition grabs the eye and generates interest.

Pole-mounted cabinet signs are another wayfinding tool that gets consumers to enter your lot. Advertise your presence as well as your product and entice folks to take a closer look at your vehicles. It is possible to combine this cabinet with flutter flags and temporary banners that indicate sales. When they display your name and logo, they act as wayfinding signage options that allow consumers to find your dealership.

Encourage Shoppers to Park


You want to turn consumers into shoppers. The goal is therefore to get them to enter your lot and park. Directional signs that point in the direction of the used car buyer lot, the financing office lot and similar department lots are an excellent start. When you have returning shoppers who are here to service their vehicles, ensure that the parking spots for the service departments are clearly marked as well. Retaining these shoppers as future buyers calls for positive experiences with your dealership after the sale. Part and parcel of this kind of experience is the ease with which the consumers can navigate your property.

Specialty Sale Signs Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Did you know that directional signs for auto dealerships in Arlington, TX, occasionally also display sales messages? For example, when your company does business with buyers who are difficult to finance with traditional lenders, you might consider the use of post and panel signage that directs shoppers onto your lot with the mention of “no credit refused.” Combining the sales message with the wayfinding aspect enhances the chance that this target demographic will seek out your business.

Additional Lot and Interior Signage Solutions

Parking lot Signs for Auto Dealerships in Arlington TX

Adding handicap parking spots near your front door lets customers with disabilities have easy access to your offices. Doing so ensures also that you comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Moreover, interior wayfinding signs that point to areas such as emergency exits, conference rooms and restroom amenities need to meet the ADA criteria as well. When you discuss your wayfinding signage needs with our experts, they can advise you on the mounting heights and locations of ADA-compliant products.

When we visit your dealership for a client consultation, we like to look over the artwork that you would like us to use. If you are thinking of trying a new signage style, we gladly create some directional markers from scratch. When you want to integrate your current signage products with new ones, we work with you on a look that flows seamlessly.