American Airlines Brands with Metal Letter Lobby Sign in DFW!

American Airlines Brands with Metal Letter Lobby Sign in DFW!

American Airlines brands itself as the “world’s largest airline.” Its Twitter handle is @AmericanAir. Recently, the company’s management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design of metal letter lobby signs in DFW.

American Airlines Receives an Impressive Lobby Sign

Metal Letter Lobby Signs DFW

After meeting with the client, we learned that the lobby sign would feature the company’s Twitter handle as the display. Initially, the client wanted an illuminated lobby sign but then decided to opt for a non-lit signage version instead. The goal of the marker was the presentation of style elements that would impress with their depths. 

We recommended the use of fabricated stainless steel letters that have a two-inch depth. Our technicians stud-mounted the product directly to the wall. The lobby sign now impresses with its innovative setup as well as the striking three-dimensional look that channel letters bring to a setting. Even from a distance, the marker is easy to read for anyone in the location.

Why Select Metal for a Sign?

Lobby Signs Made with Metal Letters DFW

Our clients prefer metal because of its durability. Moreover, this material choice encourages transference. Consumers see the metal signage and instinctively understand that it exemplifies an investment as well as longevity at the location. They then transfer these material qualities to the company’s corporate persona. In their minds, the business now displays with endurance in its niche. Not surprisingly, companies with high profiles favor metal. 

Harnessing the Aesthetics of 3D Lobby Signs

Sizes for metal letter lobby signs DFW

Standing out, quite literally, is possible with the three-dimensional style elements of your sign. While many businesses are content with one-inch setups that acrylic and PVC offer, others want to go for the gusto. The more extensive the depth of the lettering, the easier it is for visitors to the lobby to see the signage. 

Fabricated lettering is an excellent option. When you select fabricated plastic, it is possible to choose a product with prismatic facings. Doing so heightens the 3D charm of the style elements. For the highest appeal, consider using sign foam. It allows for depths of up to three inches. For an even more impressive setup, you cannot go wrong with interior channel letters. They can reach thicknesses of up to five inches.

Illumination or Not?

3D Metal Letter Lobby Signs DFW

Choosing to feature a lit lobby sign is an innovative trend that has been going strong for a while now. By bringing illumination to the focal wall of a reception area, you succeed in creating a work of art that can stand alone. It impresses with its features and carefully executed design. If your venue is lacking in natural light, this display option could be ideal.

On the other hand, choosing illumination for an area that receives a lot of natural light does not always work well. Reaching the right balance between lit and unlit signage components calls for the eye of an expert. We routinely visit the offices of clients we work with to provide them with suggestions.

Our technicians base their recommendations on the measurements they take as well as the lighting of your area. Moreover, they factor in existing signage as well as the overall interior décor of the setting that you already have in play. The goal is for the incoming lobby sign to fit in perfectly while providing a vehicle for displaying your brand message in a contemporary, exciting way.

When you are ready to learn more about metal letter lobby signs in DFW, discuss your plans with our graphic artist. Cowtown Graphics & Signs is located at 5065 Martin Luther King Jr Freeway in Fort Worth, TX. We serve the business communities in and around DFW and its surrounding areas. Contact us today to get started on your project.