Adept Fasteners New Lobby Sign a Hit in Arlington!

Adept Fasteners New Lobby Sign a Hit in Arlington!

In the business of manufacturing hydraulic fittings, solid rivets, specialty fasteners and wire inserts, among other products, Adept Fasteners is a national company with a history that spans four decades in the business. In addition to engineering fastener products, the company also offers goods from other manufacturers. When the company needed a new lobby sign that would wow visitors, its representatives contacted the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Lobby Signs for Manufacturing Companies in Arlington, TX

Lobby Signs for Arlington TX

We met with the company’s representatives to look over the artwork that the business wanted us to use. We manufactured dimensional letters that spell out the name of the business in blue and black. Perfectly copying the logo from the company’s website, the three-dimensional appeal of the sign offers the slightest shadow play of the letters. This makes it a great asset to the lobby’s wall where it now proudly brands the business.

How to Decide on the Look of Your Lobby Sign

When you already have a website display of your company’s name and logo, it makes sense to use this image as your lobby sign. Yet what do you do when you are re-branding, just starting out or have a website setup that does not yet display a well-defined look? Our experts routinely work with business clients who find themselves in this position.

  • Create a look. Work backwards from your business motto or tagline, and find a font and color display that matches the attitude you seek to convey. Manufacturing companies might select die cut metal letters in blue and black tones.
  • Add a logo. The logo display may be part of your name or a stand-alone graphic. Our experts work with you to put together a look that perfectly represents what you stand for.
  • Choose a material. Metal is ideal for architects and the financial sector. It also works well for manufacturing companies. PVC, acrylic and vinyl work well for artistic, manufacturing and medical businesses. Of course, there is always some overlap.

Factor in the display of the finished product. For example, when using sign foam with metal laminate, the substrate allows for a three-dimensional display. Depending on your taste, the 3D effect can be more pronounced to become a real eye catcher. Mounting an acrylic board with offsets also draws the eye. When you select thinner materials for dimensional lettering, we mount the product directly to the wall surface, which beautifully accentuates the makeup of the focal wall.

Ordering Your Lobby Signage Today

We work with franchisees who must follow strict guidelines that govern material usage of lobby signs as well as well as exact color matches. In addition, we work with business clients from all niches to manufacture the types of signage products that will wow the consumer. In some cases, our clients are looking for signage solutions that are out of the ordinary. It is not unusual to create lobby signs in Arlington, TX, that are made of vinyl graphics and become part of a larger wall mural. Call us today to get started.