A Guide to Monument Pylon Signs

A Guide to Monument Pylon Signs

A guide to pylon signs for Fort WorthThe types of pylon signs Fort Worth business owners are most familiar with usually fit inside a lobby and take the place of a mobile wayfinding directory marker. But did you know that there are also exterior pylon signs? These markers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles. Why do so many members of the business community now contact Cowtown Graphics & Signs to have these signs installed? What makes them so desirable for business owners? Your questions – answered.

Monument Sign vs. Pylon Marker

As opposed to monument signs, which are close to the ground, pylon signs actually stand very tall and hail oncoming motorists as well as pedestrians. These signs are easily visible from many blocks away. In a strip mall setting, they sometimes act as directory signs to name the various companies that have set up shop there. Due to the respectable height of these markers, it is very easy to add plenty of information. These markers are not always located near the entrance of the parking lot. In some instances, they are placed near a busy corner to allow for maximum exposure of the business(es).

Durable Construction

Exterior pylon signs Fort WorthAn EPS foam core is at the heart of the construction. While foam sounds like a flimsy material, it is actually highly durable as well as cost effective. Not only is the material outdoor-rated, but it is also treated with a hard coating to make it impact-proof. As a result, the finished pylon sign is so durable that it withstands an assault with a hammer.

Versatile Construction

A typical pylon sign includes two pillars and a header. We can make these as ornate as you want them. Do you want a look of bricks or riverbed stones? No problem! Our experienced pylon makers hand-shape the accent work for an authentic look. Nobody will ever know that the bricks or rocks are not real. These techniques allow us to incorporate the signs into any setting and against any backdrop. If you prefer, we can treat the pylon with spray stone finishes, which make your sign look like real river rock stone or authentic Sedona red stone.  

This type of marker also allows for the integration of other signage components. For example, add a colorful LED message center. It grabs the attention of motorists and makes your property stand out among businesses or strip malls with signs that are not as colorful. Another Monument Pylon Signs Fort Worthcomponent option is a lightbox cabinet. It, too, lights up. Manufactured from durable aluminum, these signage solutions allow you to display your company’s name, logo and any additional information you find useful for branding and marketing. Examples include taglines, professional affiliations and mottos.

Getting Started on Your Order

Talk to our friendly exterior signage experts today to get your order started. We offer you advice with respect to signage height, width and content. We can work with your existing artwork or help you design the perfect look from scratch. We also handle the permitting process and talk to your leasing company to get its representatives to sign off on your plans.