4th of July Retail Signs and Banners for Fort Worth Are Here!

4th of July Retail Signs and Banners for Fort Worth Are Here!

4th of July retail signs and banners Fort WorthWhat is the next big sales opportunity for your retail business? 4th of July! Sales signs and banners for Fort Worth area retail businesses are already getting dusted off and readied for use. Are your signs still up to par? Here is what to look out for:

  • Outdated information. Look for manufacturers that have changed the packaging of the products you sell. If your signs still show the old look, customers will not likely consider you as being on the cutting edge and might wonder what old products you still have on the shelves.
  • Wear and tear. Although most annual sales signs are sturdy, they do wear out over the years. If you display yours in a window that gets plenty of sun, there is also the possibility that the exposure has caused some fading. If you notice discolorations and some tears or crinkles, it is time to recycle the marker.
  • 4th of July Banners Fort WorthIncongruent look. Have you changed the look of your store’s signage? Maybe you have updated the colors or the typeface to make it more modern. If so, take care not to reuse signs with the old logo and company name display. It will look odd and may actually distract customers from the sales message.

If you have come to the realization that you need to update your existing 4th of July banners in Fort Worth, or you want to add on to any signs that you already have, Cowtown Graphics & Signs can help.

Street and Sidewalk Signs

Is there anything more eye-catching than A-frame signs? Place them on the sidewalk where they attract attention from consumers approaching your store from both directions. When you choose a sandwich board with insert pockets, we can custom-print your special sales information, which will let you re-use the easel stand for all sales events.

In-Store Signage

4th of July sale signs Fort WorthWhich 4th of July signs get you noticed? Posters are perfect for your in-store displays. While you are branding your business, be sure to advertise the deep discounts that the Independence Day sale will offer to your customers. This is also the time to display posters featuring your most popular products as well as those that are new to your inventory lineup.

Façade Displays

Banners are the perfect customized sales ad for your store. Whenever a customer walks past a store with an eye-catching banner, the consumer pays attention. After all, retailers usually only hang these banners when there is a sale going on, which ultimately has the power to save the customer quite a bit of money. If you only plan on doing one type of July 4th sign this year, make it a banner.

Window Panes Can Advertise, Too!

Vinyl lettering is an ideal advertising solution when your store offers a number of window panes. In addition to displaying graphics featuring your company’s name and logo as well as your store hours, you can use the glass panes to advertise your latest sales and planned discounts for the holiday weekend. Add digital photographs of your products to really whet the appetites of your customers.

So, are you ready for the upcoming holiday retail sales event? If not, call our friendly signage professionals. We can get you set up quickly.