3 Examples of Short-Term Marketing with Vehicle Graphics

3 Examples of Short-Term Marketing with Vehicle Graphics

Most of our business clients know that vehicle graphics from Cowtown Graphics & Signs last for about five years. This product longevity may have turned off some of you from investigating this mobile marketing solution for your short-term campaigns. Do not let this be you! In fact, the advantages of mobile marketing apply to long-term as well as to short-term campaigns. Examples abound.

Election Campaigns

Election campaign vehicle graphics DFW

Whether your candidate envisions a position in the local, state or federal government, marketing with vehicle graphics in DFW is an excellent method for heightening name recognition and making voters aware of the talking points. This is a great way for political insiders to harness the power of a large grassroots base to spread the word about campaign issues, the importance of getting out the vote and positions that set apart the candidate from others. Applied to the daily driver of a campaign volunteer or the candidate, your message is seen at all types of venues and settings.

New Product Announcement

Product promotion vehicle graphics DFW

Your company is announcing its latest widget. You are hitting the trade show circuits with a display that introduces the product and its uses. Why not start creating a buzz about it now? Outfit your company cars with spot graphics that show the widget or leave it covered up but use tantalizing text that heavily hints at the latest development of your business that pretty soon everyone will be talking about.

This type of new product announcement will drive traffic to your website when consumers are intrigued by the messages. You may see more social media inquiries. Visiting the booth display at your next expo hall attendance is sure to be on the list of consumers and industry insiders alike. Moreover, beating the drum about your new product ahead of its official unveiling makes sense when you want media coverage.

New Business Campaigns

Vehicle graphics for new businesses in DFW

Whether it is a buy-one-get-one-free back-to-school sale on uniforms or a specialty summer marketing campaign that rewards repeat customers with jaw-dropping specials and deals, do not forget to use vehicle graphics to spread the word. This approach enhances the visibility of the campaign that might otherwise only address those in your store or those subscribing to your business emails. Combine these mobile marketing campaigns with brand ambassador street corner displays of sign spinners.

Commission Your Vehicle Vinyl Products Now

Contact our professionals for short-term marketing ideas using vehicle graphics in DFW. Methods include spot graphics, perforated vehicle vinyl window covers and similar marketing products that easily attach to an untreated or already treated vehicle. Whether you already have a full wrap, partial wrap, a graphics package or lettering, our graphic designers work with you to seamlessly integrate the message you want folks to know about – for a limited time.

We gladly design a message display from the ground up, which allows you maximum control over the look and feel as well as the integration with other marketing messages. Fleet vehicle managers occasionally like us to vary these short-term mobile marketing messages to create an increased interest in the nature of the announcement. Call us today to get started.