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What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are a popular and effective way for businesses to showcase their branding. Channel letters are customized dimensional letters that are fabricated individually and lit from within, allowing them to stand out with an eye-catching illuminated glow.

Channel letter signs make use of translucent materials and LED lighting to create vibrant and visible displays. During the day, the letters are clearly defined three-dimensional structures. At night, the internal lighting illuminates each letter, ensuring maximum visibility after dark.

Compared to flat or painted signage, illuminated channel letters add more depth and interest. The customized shapes pop off of buildings and are engineered to withstand weather and wear. Channel letter signage is a smart investment for companies looking to prominently display their business name and reinforce their brand image.

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Benefits of Using Channel Letter Signage

High Visibility – The LED lighting ensures that channel letters stand out vividly 24/7. This around-the-clock exposure reinforces your branding even during evening hours when client traffic may be slower.

Attractive Aesthetics – Dimensional lettering adds more visual appeal compared to flat wall signs. When lit, channel letters have an eye-catching glow that accentuates your messaging.

Durability – Channel letters are built to last using weather-resistant materials like thick plastics and aluminum. The sturdy construction allows them to withstand outdoor elements.

Types of Channel Letters

There are a few varieties of channel letter signs to suit different business needs:

Front Lit Channel Letters

The most common style of channel letter signage features a translucent plastic letter face and aluminum sides and back. The interior contains LED lighting, which shines through the front of each letter to illuminate it. The aluminum housing reflects additional light.

From the front, only the illuminated plastic letter face is visible. The structure behind the letter creates depth and dimension while hiding the electrical components like wiring and light strips. Front lit channel letters have a clean, bold look and are a versatile option for most signs.

Halo Lit (Reverse Channel) Letters

Halo, otherwise known as reverse lit or backlit channel letters, take an alternative approach to lighting. Instead of LEDs inside each letter, halo letters feature an open back. The lights are mounted behind the sign on the exterior wall surface.

When turned on, the halo channel letters creates a subtle glow around each individually mounted letter, producing a halo effect. Halo lit channel letters work especially well on light colored building exteriors which help reflect additional lighting. The open backs give these signs a more sleek, modern look.

Non-Lit Dimensional Letters

Channel letters can also be designed without integrated lighting. Dimensional letter signs utilize shaped plastic or metal letter forms mounted directly to walls.

They have a three-dimensional profile like illuminated channel letters but without the lighting elements. Non-lit options work well for businesses that do not require nighttime visibility and are a more budget-friendly approach.

Types of Illuminated Signs

There are a few varieties of channel letter signs to suit different business needs:
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Standard Cabinet Signs

The most affordable cabinet sign option features an enclosed metal frame with internal lighting elements. These budget-friendly signs allow for branding, graphics, and text while providing illumination and protection from weather.
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Pan Formed Face

Pan formed box signs have an acrylic sign face that slightly protrudes outward. This extra dimension creates additional depth and enhanced 3D aesthetics compared to flat panel signs.
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Embossed Face

Embossed cabinet signs utilize a thermoforming technique to texture the sign’s surface. This textured pattern is eye-catching and offers maximum resistance to high winds.

Stencil Cut Face

Stencil cut box signs combine aluminum paneling and acrylic materials. Intricate stenciled-out patterns in the aluminum create see-through lettering effects when backlit by internal lighting.

Customizing Channel Letter Signs

One of the biggest advantages of channel letter signs is the ability to fully customize them to match a company’s brand image. From materials to letter size, color, and installation method, channel letters can be fabricated to specification.


The most common materials used for channel letter construction are:

  • Acrylic – Acrylic plastic is frequently used for the letter facing since it is translucent and allows light from interior LEDs to shine through. Acrylic stands up well to weather but is more prone to cracking if struck.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is a metal that is lightweight, durable, and very easy to form into customized letter shapes. Aluminum is rust/corrosion-resistant making it ideal for the structure behind channel letter faces.
  • Metal – Other metals like steel and brass can be used as well but may be more prone to corrosion over time. Their added weight often requires more reinforcement to mount channel letters to walls.


Channel letters can be fabricated in a wide range of sizes to fit building facades and desired visibility needs. Larger letters may cost more initially but enhance long-distance visibility for high traffic areas.


Nearly any color can be achieved for the plastic letter facing, trim caps, and returns. Bold colors that contrast wall backgrounds have maximum impact while neutral metallic tones are more subtle. Backlighting creates a glow in lighter translucent colors.

What Industries Use Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are a versatile option suitable for a wide variety of industries and business types. Some examples of popular channel letter applications include:
In addition to exterior building signs, channel letters are also used for interior wayfinding signs, gateways, and displays. Their versatility supports almost any industry in need of bold, high-quality signage.

Retail Stores

Illuminated channel letters prominently display the store name and branding after hours when shopping centers are less crowded. Dimensional letters stand out from a distance to draw customer traffic.


Cafes, diners, and casual eateries often use halo-lit channel letters for a modern, inviting look. Softer backlighting sets an ambient tone while still marking the location.

Professional Services

Law firms, doctors' offices, salons, and spas rely on non-lit dimensional letters for a refined appearance. Bold custom letters communicate brand quality.


Resort and hospitality businesses like illuminated letters for around-the-clock visibility. Large letters act like a beacon to provide directional assistance to travelers.

Auto Services

Repair shops, dealerships, and car washes use oversized channel letters to be seen from fast-moving highways. Lighting distinguishes locations after dark.

Our Expert Sign Installation

We take care of the entire channel letter installation process for you. Our skilled installation teams bring years of experience mounting customized signs of all shapes and sizes.
Some of the key services we provide include:
  • Site & Sign Location Evaluation – We assess the intended mounting surface, the location, and the layout to ensure proper fit and maximum visibility.
  • Professional Mounting – We safely install using lifts and commercial mounting hardware for a secure fit.
  • Precision Alignment – Letters are carefully aligned for consistency in spacing and appearance.
  • Performance Testing – The completed sign is evaluated to verify proper lighting function and aesthetics.
By leveraging our end-to-end installation expertise, you can have peace of mind that your new channel letter signage will be prominently and securely displayed. Contact us today to learn more!

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