Cabinet Signs

What Are Cabinet Signs?

Cabinet signs, also referred to as box signs or wall signs, are an illuminated enclosed sign option that is highly versatile for communicating business branding. These signs feature a metal cabinet or box structure that houses internal lighting elements to create an eye-catching focal point for customer visibility.

Cabinet signs allow for the integration of logos, typography, imagery, and more design elements into a sleek, professional sign format. The enclosed structure also protects these graphic components from outdoor elements. Brighter LED lighting combined with lightweight materials enables box signs to be mounted safely on buildings or poles in ideal high traffic locations.

Compared to channel letter signs, box signs provide ample space for branding information, are simple to install, and most importantly – very budget-friendly. Their customizability and vibrant illumination make them an ideal investment for small and midsize businesses looking to reinforce their branding and attract client attention in the Fort Worth area.

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Types of Illuminated Signs

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Standard Cabinet Signs

The most affordable cabinet sign option features an enclosed metal frame with internal lighting elements. These budget-friendly signs allow for branding, graphics, and text while providing illumination and protection from weather.
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Pan Formed Face

Pan formed box signs have an acrylic sign face that slightly protrudes outward. This extra dimension creates additional depth and enhanced 3D aesthetics compared to flat panel signs.
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Embossed Face

Embossed cabinet signs utilize a thermoforming technique to texture the sign’s surface. This textured pattern is eye-catching and offers maximum resistance to high winds.

Stencil Cut Face

Stencil cut box signs combine aluminum paneling and acrylic materials. Intricate stenciled-out patterns in the aluminum create see-through lettering effects when backlit by internal lighting.

Cabinet Sign Customization Options


The right construction materials for your custom cabinet sign are critical for durability and appearance. We manufacture your sign considering your businesses’ unique details.

  • Commonly use acrylic plastics and aluminum
  • Acrylic – translucent, durable, and weather-resistant
  • Aluminum – corrosion resistant, lightweight, easy to form letters

Sign Lighting

Making your cabinet sign shine comes down to the lighting components inside. LED lighting paired with smart controllers strikes the perfect balance of visibility, aesthetics, and efficiency.

  • Utilizes bright, uniform LED lighting
  • Programmable transformers allow adjustable brightness
  • Controlled for energy efficiency


While sizing often depends on installation location, understanding dimensions is key. Carefully calibrated size and proportions amplify visibility exactly where needed.

  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Fabrics sized to fit building facades
  • Larger is great for visibility from distance

Color Options

Color palette decisions for your cabinet sign set the tone for your branding. The combinations of accent colors, lettering, backdrops create strong visual connections.

  • Fully customizable colors
  • Match or contrast location color scheme
  • Variety of color options for frame, letters, accents
  • Printed and painted options avialable
  • Lighting color options available

Mounting Methods

Securely and safely installing your cabinet signage ensures it will maintain its prominent positioning. Adaptable mounting solutions like building anchors and pole wraps cater to unique locations.

  • Exterior building mounting
  • Specialty mounting brackets
  • Pole and placard mounts available

Common Uses for Cabinet Signs

Useful for a Variety of Industries

Cabinet signs are a versatile option suitable for a huge range of industries and business types. Retail stores can display eye-catching signage with logos and seasonal promotions. Restaurants use halo-lit box signs for a modern and welcoming vibe.

Professional service firms like law offices and salons depend on these signs to reinforce their sophisticated brand aesthetic and inspire new customers. Additionally, hotels, auto dealerships, convenience stores, contractors, and many more can benefit from customizable cabinet signs tailored to their images.

Interior vs. Exterior Signage

While most commonly used for exterior business frontages, cabinet signs also serve well for interior spaces. Directory maps with room names and numbers often use suspended ceiling wall mounted box signs.

Events venues may showcase custom cabinet signs to guide traffic flow indoors for conferences and trade shows. These interior signs can be made standalone or for wall mounted display. The variety of sizes and mounting methods make cabinet signs ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Creative Placement

Standard mounting directly above entry doorways is a classic placement for maximum visibility upon arrival. Additionally, pole-mounted signs placed closer to sidewalks make use of extra height for visibility further down roads. Positioning a pole sign near a highway exit or busy intersection helps attract more driving traffic.

For convenience stores, gas stations, and drive-thrus, low-clearance hanging mounts allow easy sign visibility without obstructing larger vehicles. Magnetic vehicle signs also act as movable advertising when staff make outside deliveries and sales calls.

Why Choose Cowtown for Your Cabinet Signs

Custom Design and Fabrication Done Quickly

Our experienced design team works closely with you to bring your unique visions to life. We seamlessly handle concept sketches, 3D renderings, material selection, layouts, and production.

5-Star Service

Nearly perfect online reviews validate our passionate commitment to premium client service. We make the process efficient with attentive project management.

Trusted Local Expertise

Our longevity and tenure in the Fort Worth sign industry speaks for itself. As true sign specialists, Cowtown Signs delivers lasting quality.


From materials to lighting techniques, we use cost-effective solutions that enhance your value without breaking budget. Our buying power with suppliers keeps prices low. When envisioning bold, stunning cabinet signs to maximize your branding and outshine competitors, look no further than the experts at Cowtown Signs! Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.