Mac’s On Main Prepares for Grand Opening with Window Graphics in Grapevine TX

Mac’s On Main Prepares for Grand Opening with Window Graphics in Grapevine TX

Located at 909 South Main Street in Grapevine, Mac’s on Main will soon throw open its doors to hungry guests. With a branch of the restaurant already established in Arlington, guests in search of slow-roasted prime rib and hand-cut charbroiled steaks know where they get a great meal. Well in advance of opening day, this location is making sure that consumers know who is moving in.

Restaurant window graphics Grapevine TX

Historic Main Street in Grapevine, Texas, is famous for its wineries. The 40th annual Grapefest is also held in this area. While Mac’s on Main was not ready to open for this spectacular event, the management team knew that the exposure offered by an influx of 300,000 Grapefest attendees simply could not be passed up. This is when the company contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs for assistance. We discussed the installation of grand opening window graphics for Grapevine, TX, just in time for the event.

Window Graphics Market and Inform

How do you pique consumers’ interests in a soon-to-come restaurant? Easy! We chose window graphics that showcase the restaurant’s strong suits such as prime rib, steaks and fresh seafood. Moreover, the announcement that the eatery would open very “soon” is just that little hook that makes the restaurant window graphics in Grapevine, TX, so tantalizing for the hungry consumer who loves this type of food and looks forward to trying out new flavors on Main Street.

Vinyl window graphics for restaurants Grapevine TX

The windows now display the telltale light burgundy squares as well as black squares that all present white writing. The words “coming soon” are large and easy to read. The door, too, features window graphics that alert residents and visitors to the impending arrival of the eatery.

What about your business? Are you getting ready to throw open your doors and want to alert the neighbors to your grand opening festivities or just to the presence of your business in the area? We can help! There are multiple signage options that are sure to work well for your venue.

Using Vinyl Graphics on Windows

Window graphics are an excellent solution. Whether you have just one or two glass panes, or as many as four to six, a repetitive message that lets folks know that you are opening soon is always a good idea. Adding to the interest can be small hints at the products you will be carrying or the services that you will be offering.


Rather than using window decals, some new business owners choose to have us print up posters and hang them on the inside of the windows. This effectively blocks out the view of what is going on inside and heightens the public’s curiosity.


When you are ready to open in 30 days or less, consider hanging a banner above your entryway. Banners not only alert motorists and pedestrians that something extraordinary is going to happen at the location, but they also create a local buzz that works in your favor.

Restaurant window graphics Grapevine TX

If you are still uncertain how to get the word out effectively well in advance of your scheduled opening date, talk to our experienced signage professionals. We gladly show you some examples of what has worked well for other companies in your niche.